So I wrote, as usual, a long-winded post on my time in Brazil and of course it didn’t save so now I have to re-write it and I’ll try and see if I can remember what was in my old post. Soooo frustrating!!! But this is the first post of the first country I went […]

Ecuador & Columbia

I put Ecuador and Columbia in the same blog because I was only in Columbia for one night. I decided to venture there to see this church (Las Lajas) in this super small town called Ipiales that was only a few hours outside Quito, Ecuador where I stayed. My original trip plan had been to […]


I bought a ticket to Israel while I was in India and sick, lol. My original plan had been to travel to South India before going to Israel, but getting sick again in India really put a damper on things and the country was testing my patience. In fact while I was there I told […]


I had about an 8 or 10 hour layover in Addis Ababa.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but due to the long layover I was eligible to get a hotel voucher. But I didn’t know this so I went ahead and booked a hotel before I flew out. Then when I got there […]


Thailand is one of the top destinations for first time travelers, solo female travelers and digital nomads, and I wish I had spent more time there. I didn’t go to beaches and I am a bit upset I didn’t. (But there is always next time!) I spent all of my time in Bangkok, but I […]


Part of the reason why I went to Vietnam was the fact that I found a super cheap flight, and one that just so happened to have a short layover in Japan. This was basically an open-ended trip with the only obligatory destination being in India in a couple weeks. But instead of just heading […]


I only spent one day in Cambodia, but I feel like I made it worthwhile. I didn’t get to see Angor Wat or any other amazing temples,but I did see one of the most harrowing things I have ever seen in my life-The Killing Fields. The only method of taxi in Cambodia is tuk tuk, […]


As stated in my other post, I didn’t spend too long in Egypt. I also am pissed because when I went to the Egyptian museum my phone decided it couldn’t take any more pictures!! So I can’t share any from that amazing place and it pisses me off. I felt isolated and depressed in Egypt, […]


They refer to India as Incredible India. Nepal is incredible too, as well as mystical, intriguing, and colorful. It was similar to India, but with some stark differences that I noticed. For example, the Nepalese seem to practice both Hinduism and Buddhism.  I did not even know that this was a thing until I went there. […]