I had ECT

Its been a while since I have written on here, and the less I write the more I have trouble doing so. I guess it is a muscle in a way, it requires regular exercise in order to stay in shape. But even when I do regularly write, I always have trouble on how to […]


So I wrote, as usual, a long-winded post on my time in Brazil and of course it didn’t save so now I have to re-write it and I’ll try and see if I can remember what was in my old post. Soooo frustrating!!! But this is the first post of the first country I went […]

On anxiety and anxiety while traveling

I’m in downtown Toronto, in my car, facing a crosswalk. Streams of people pass by. I’m sweating. I need to turn right. There are cars behind me waiting. Somebody honks. I edge forward. More people pass. I. have. to. get. out. of. here. But I can’t. The light turns yellow. I have to turn right-right now. A couple stragglers […]

Denmark & Sweden

Just like Ecuador and Colombia, I put Sweden in the same blog post with Denmark because I was only there for a few hours, haha, and it is right near by (a train ride away!) But I am still went anyhow. Someday I will go and stay longer (just like every other country I’ve been […]