Denmark & Sweden

Just like Ecuador and Colombia, I put Sweden in the same blog post with Denmark because I was only there for a few hours, haha, and it is right near by (a train ride away!) But I am still went anyhow. Someday I will go and stay longer (just like every other country I’ve been […]

Ecuador & Columbia

I put Ecuador and Columbia in the same blog because I was only in Columbia for one night. I decided to venture there to see this church (Las Lajas) in this super small town called Ipiales that was only a few hours outside Quito, Ecuador where I stayed. My original trip plan had been to […]


I bought a ticket to Israel while I was in India and sick, lol. My original plan had been to travel to South India before going to Israel, but getting sick again in India really put a damper on things and the country was testing my patience. In fact while I was there I told […]