Welcome to the Rogue Intrepid

Hello, Bonjour, Zdrasvootyay, Ni hao, Olah, Namaste. Thank you, merci, spaaseebah, she she, gracias and dhanyabad for stopping by.

The Rogue Intrepid is many things. It is partially a chronicle of my unconventional life as an aspiring, and kind-of-already, itinerant solo female globe-trotter and digital nomad, and a resource and networking site for those like me. It is also a look into what it is like to be a woman on the Autism Spectrum with comorbid mental health issues, and a resource and networking site for those like me. It is also place where I dole out my advice and musings on issues facing people like myself.

This isn’t like other solo female travel blogs. You won’t find any photos of me  posing in cute clothes, or sexy pictures of me lounging on the beach in a bikini. In fact, you won’t find any pictures of me at all.

You won’t find out about how I “quit my 9-5 corporate job to travel the world” as I’ve never had one and never will. While I have some in common with my fellow travel bloggers, there is a lot about my blog that is different. My bucket list does not include typical destinations. While I’ve been to many touristy and westernized countries, I prefer to travel to undeveloped nations with jungles and deserts and cultures that are quite unlike mine. For me, this is real travel.

Currently, these are the following countries I want to travel to on my next round the world trip:





A few of the ‘stans: Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, etc.


The Sudan


As I write this RI is still in its embryonic stage. Hopefully one day this post be a sonogram that my readers and I can look back on and see what RI looked like before it birthed an incredible  baby that continues to blossom into a beautiful child.


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