Welcome to the Rogue Intrepid

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Gemima.

The Rogue Intrepid is first and foremost a chronicle of my adventures as I travel around the world. I hope it serves as inspiration, entertainment and education for those who aspire to do the same or are just interested, and as collaboration for those who are like me.

The type of travel I do is from luxurious or typical, hence the name(s) of this blog. I shy away from five star hotels and cruise-ships and first class, and you won’t find any pictures of me lounging on the beach in my bikini; in fact you won’t find any pictures of me at all.

While I’d definitely love to travel through Europe more and someday live there again, I’d rather trudge through the Sahara, sail down the Amazon in a canoe, and wander through temples in south Asia with a backpack in a pair of tennis shoes. While I’ve somewhat already done this, I haven’t nearly as much as I want to for as long as I want to. My goal is to become a full-time traveler, writer and digital nomad, and The Rogue Intrepid serves as a chronicle of my attempts at doing so. My next hopeful destinations include Costa Rica, the Sudan, Turkey and Myanmar.

Beyond travel, the Rogue Intrepid, at least I hope, will serve as a resource and networking sight for women with Asperger’s and comorbid mental health issues like myself. I explore and write about everything from self-help to executive functioning to Borderline Personality disorder. I want to help others like me to cope and feel less alone, and to erase some of the stereotypes of females on the spectrum. I hope my posts start a dialogue, provide insight, and educate.

This blog is one of my many dreams and passion projects. As I write, The Rogue Intrepid is still in its early stages, but I hope that one day I can look back on this and see how far it has come. While I want the Rogue Intrepid to remain as authentic and unique as possible, I also aspire to someday make some of my living from it, so I hope you are not bothered by some ads and marketing. Since I am also still learning about all this, the Rogue Intrepid is aso a chronicling of this journey, and I hope you come along for the ride.




2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Rogue Intrepid

  1. Hi! Are you the Gemima Rigby that wrote the article on tokophobia? If so, I am in need of extreme help and education if you’re willing to. I don’t normally reach out like this but my life isn’t really a life right now. I’m overwhelmed and over-obsessed, and even just tips on how to deal with these things would be amazing right now. Thanks! – Poppy


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